Early Access Patch Notes - 12.06.2018

Hello Forklift Fans,

It's Thursday again and that means another update for Forklift Simulator 2019.  Here are the notes:

New Features
  • Vive Control Support Added
  • Vive Control Layout Added to Controls Menu
  • Display Option added to disable Tunnel Vision Vignette
  • Display Option readded to reset VR headset location
  • Forklift does not move when game is paused
  • Non-VR camera is more realistic, cannot spin 360 when seated
  • Non-VR camera can be reset by holding R3
Updates / Bug Fixes
  • Keyboard Controls Updated
  • Disabled legacy UI panel
  • Mission Complete Screen Location in VR fixed
  • VR Credits bug fixed

We tried really hard to get wheel support in this patch. It turns out there are more than a few issues with that. So, we are modifying our input system which will allow us to support almost every wheel type ever made in addition to a bunch of other controller types. This should be in next week and it will also come with a full customization screen. You'll be able to modify the button mapping for all supported devices, Mouse and Keyboard, Controller, Wheel, and even some motion controls.

In addition to wheel support, next week we are planning to introduce the side stance reach truck and it's associated training challenges. If things go really well, we might also have the first pass of localization complete. 

Thanks to everyone who's supporting us. We hope these updates are improving the game and making it better. Please let us know in the comments and on the discussion board.

-Forklift Simulator 2019 Team

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