Forklift Simulator 2019 Patch Notes 01.30.2019

Build Notes

  • Added Order Picker Forklift
  • Fixed bug that caused the brake to be on all the time when Oculus controllers were connected
  • Ability to switch languages during an exercise
  • Minor text fixes during loading screen
  • Fixed issue with Silver Trophies showing the Gold Icon
  • VR Motion Controls added to Side Stance Reach Truck
  • VR controls can now be toggled ON as well as held on with the grip button (Highlighting a control and clicking will lock that control in, clicking again will release focus on that control)
  • Added Deadman Pedal functionality on Side Stance Reach Truck (VR: Left Trigger, Keyboard: EQ, Gamepad: XY, Wheel: Clutch Pedal)
  • Minor Localization Updates
  • BUG FIX: TODO String when failing a mission
  • BUG FIX: Next Exercise button returned to the completion screen
  • Wheel Support Added… Sort Of (We’ve tested and confirmed the Logitech G29 Wheel works. Other wheels and peripherals, please let us know if they work or not)

We are still working to get the peripherals working properly when running through steam. We are also working hard to get the controller customization screen integrated. We have plans in the works for new forklift attachments and pallet types. Some of that content could be in as early as next week.

Thanks to you, our forklift fans, for supporting us and hanging in there during our Early Access phase. Without you we couldn’t keep doing what we’re doing. We could use even more feedback. Please write on the forums or to our email. We read EVERYTHING you send us and we respond to EVERY piece of mail:

Also, tune in to our Twitch channel every Tuesday at 2pm Pacific:
We regularly show off the new features of Forklift Simulator 2019 and you can ask the team questions during the stream. Our past episodes are up there as well.

- Forklift Simulator Team


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